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2011 NFL Salary Cap: Cleveland Browns at $99.2 Million

On Monday, Pat Yansinskas from ESPN posted salary-cap figures for all 32 teams in the NFL. Without going into a full discussion of the ongoing labor dispute, right now the whole salary cap situation is in limbo.

Also, we won’t know what the 2011 salary cap for all teams will be until there’s a deal in place. For reference, the salary cap in 2009, the last capped year was right about $130 million.

The salary cap usually increases every year, so if a similar one is put into place, speculation is that it would go up to around $135 million. The Cleveland Browns currently have $99.2 million as their salary-cap figure. Again, this is a number that is not "set in stone" and could vary depending on the labor agreement. The Browns' figure is the 21st highest in the NFL. The salary-cap figures for the rest of the teams in our division are as follows: Pittsburgh ($116 million), Baltimore ($101.3 million), and Cincinnati ($90.7 million).

If we have any members on here who are savvy when it comes to salary cap figures and contracts, please feel free to elaborate in the comments section below as to how this figure does/does not benefit the Browns next season (assuming a smooth labor agreement process).