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Favorite Football Movie of All Time?

I noticed that this has been a trending football topic going around some of the SB Nation NFL blogs, so I figured I would see what our fans here at Dawgs By Nature thought. Simply put, what is your favorite football-related movie? It doesn't have to of been a blockbuster or anything; just pick the one that got to you the most.

Personally, I think I need to bone up on my share of football movies. I still haven't seen The Blind Side, and while I think I remember seeing portions of Rudy, I don't believe I ever watched it in its entirety. Come to think of it, the only pure football movie I remember seeing is Remember the Titans, and that was on television.

It doesn't have to be a fully-fledged football movie. I think you could make a case that something like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective could be included. If that were the case, it would probably get my vote.

Tell us your favorite football movie(s)!