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Draft Bio: Patrick Peterson ::UPDATED::

Sit down Julio.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Sit down Julio. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Patrick Peterson is the most dynamic player in this draft, bar none.

He is going to be an All-Pro. I don't like drafting cornerbacks early, but I would RUN the card up if he was available. That is how good I think Peterson is going to be. 


(6'1 222lbs.)

Cornerback LSU

3 year starter

Combine Numbers:

40 Time: 4.34

Vertical Jump: 38 Inches

Broad Jump: 10'6"

3 Cone: 6.58 

20 Shuttle: 4.07

60 Shuttle: 11.01

2010 Bednarik Winner (Nations best defender), 2010 Jim Thorpe Winner (Nations best Defensive Back), 7 different All-American Teams, 2010 SEC Defensive POY, 2010 SEC Special Teams POY

Career Stats: 135 tackles, 7 INT's, 1 FF, 3 TD's

Expected Position: Most people fully expect Peterson to remain at CB, but some scouts believe he is better suited, due to his size, for a play-making safety role.


Patrick Peterson was the best defensive player in the nation last season. He possesses the size and speed to match up with any WR in the NFL. He is strong enough at the LOS to disrupt and jam, yet has the speed to turn an run with anyone. Does a fantastic job of getting out of his back pedal and getting downfield. Can drive on the ball when it is in front of him and can go get it when it is above him. Not the worlds greatest tackler, but has no problem putting his nose in the middle of a scrum. Has the "it" factor when it comes to elite DB's.

Absolutely electric with the ball in his hands. Can score at all times (Sorry Kimble). 


Sometimes he seems to rely on his natural ability rather than proper technique, something that you can do at the CFB level, but not in the NFL. Seems to be too high at times in his backpedal which slows him down. When he does get beat, he panics and becomes "handsy". Can sometimes gamble too much.

Why the Browns should draft him:

The Browns need playmakers. I don't care if we are talking offense or defense, we need 'em. Peterson is just that. I am from the Pass Rush > Pass Coverage school of thought, but when you consider the prospect that Peterson is, I can be swayed. Peterson has almost no downside. The worst he figures to be is Antrel Rolle. A play making safety that we can line up next to TJ Ward? Yes, please. That is the worst case scenario.

Best case scenario is that we have a CB duo that can erase any passing attack in the NFL. In this day's NFL you have to attack and defend the passing attack. With Haden and Peterson we could turn loose any blitz underneath. We could use Ward as a in-the-box, downhill attacker.

Why the Browns shouldn't draft him:

We have bigger needs. We need big uglies. You have to control the LOS in this league to win. Peterson, for all his physical talents, doesn't play in the trenches. Outside of his ability to blitz, he doesn't pressure, or protect, the Quarterback. Right now, that doesn't address our biggest needs.