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NFL Combine Cornerback Open Thread - Peterson (Unofficially) Runs a 4.32

A lot of people were waiting in anticipation of what cornerback Patrick Peterson would run in his 40-time on the final day of the NFL Combine. Use this open thread to discuss the times or other measurables these defensive backs are recording today.

Peterson's run was supposed to be shown around 10:30 AM on, but it did not air until about noon. After the long wait, Peterson's first run was unofficially timed at a 4.32. Based on his start, he might be able to improve and do better on his second run.

UPDATE: Peterson ran a 4.37 (unofficially) for his second run. Doesn't look like he made the < 4.30 mark he was hoping for, but this does nothing to hurt him.

Prince Amukamara had a nice 40-time as well, unofficially clocking in at a 4.37.