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Shaun Rogers Finally Finds a Contender

After many years of playing on teams with losing records, Shaun Rogers will finally have a chance to play for a contender. The former Brown was signed by the New Orleans Saints to a one-year deal, according to a team spokesman. You have to wonder if Rogers' performance against the Saints last season had anything to do with them signing him. How many times in that game did we see Rogers line up as the only defensive lineman, only to fight through two to three blockers and force Drew Brees into erratic throws? It was arguably Rogers' best game of the season, and it probably came when he was most healthy. If he isn't hurt next season, New Orleans knows they got a steal just before the lockout.

In other defensive tackle news, the Patriots pulled the other veteran off the market by signing Marcus Stroud. I wonder if the Bills will regret releasing him even more since they'll be facing him twice a year now. Solid moves by both teams to get veteran defensive tackles on their roster just before the lockout.