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Cameron Newton to Work Out for the Browns

Who would be the biggest shock (not including ridiculous "reach" picks) for the Cleveland Browns to draft at No. 6 overall in April? I would say QB Cameron Newton, especially since the Browns are supposedly fully committed to Colt McCoy this season. And yet, according to a report today, the Browns are one of nine teams who will be holding a private workout with Newton.

Let's take a look at the other teams cited by the report and what their quarterback situation looks like:

  • Panthers - Any Jimmy Clausen fans out there?
  • Buffalo - I like Ryan Fitzpatrick, but they really don't have anything invested in him.
  • Cincinnati - Carson Palmer wants out, and they may need a QB.
  • Arizona - Their starter last season was Derek Anderson.
  • Tennessee - Vince Young is gone and Kerry Collins won't cut it.
  • Washington - Donovan McNabb was not good last year; time to find the future guy.
  • Minnesota - The Brett Favre saga is over; re-birth needed at QB.
  • Seattle - Matt Hasselbeck might still have some seasons in him, but they could groom a QB of the future.

I could see all of those teams taking a first-round quarterback, but not Cleveland. Granted, I don't mean to sound as if McCoy is the second coming or something, but the commitment to McCoy has already been made. It could be a "smokescreen," but surely other teams won't buy into the fact that Holmgren and company will take Newton after already indicating they want a late-round quarterback.

What does Cleveland have to gain out of giving Newton a workout? This might be is certainly a reach, but maybe if they really feel that the Cincinnati Bengals are going to draft him, then having a close out workout with him could offer a slight competitive advantage.

Hat tip to Villeslgr for the original FanShot pointing me to this report.