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List of Browns Free Agents

With the potential for free agency starting before the draft, besides covering prospects, I'm also going to start taking a look at players who were on the Browns roster last season and are scheduled to be free agents. After the jump is the current list of free agents I have, not including players who were outright released by the team. Let me know if you see any errors or players who were left off the list.

Cleveland Browns Free Agents

  • RB/FB: Mike Bell, Lawrence Vickers
  • WR: Chansi Stuckey, Demetrius Williams
  • TE: Greg Estandia
  • OG: Floyd Womack, Billy Yates
  • DL: Jayme Mitchell, Derreck Robinson, Robaire Smith, Brian Schaefering (ERFA), Titus Adams (ERFA)
  • LB: Titus Brown, Matt Roth, Marcus Benard (ERFA), Blake Costanzo, Jason Trusnik, Chris Gocong
  • S: Abram Elam, Sabby Piscitelli, Nick Sorensen
  • CB: Eric Wright* (tender status uncertain due to CBA)
  • K: Phil Dawson* (franchise tag status uncertain due to CBA)

There are quite a few players I am unsure of, such as Coye Francies, Brian Sanford, and what exactly happens to the players listed as "ERFA." Report any additions or substractions that need to be made, and then I'll cover the players in a certain order (likely from highest-profile-name to lowest-profile-name).