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Randy Moss Throws a "Random" Mention in About the Browns

Wide receiver Randy Moss made no secret about the fact that his heart wants to be back with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots again. Returning to New England would be the ultimate win for New England too, considering they traded him for draft picks last year and were winning just fine without him.

"If you're asking me where my heart and where I'm happy is, I love playing with Tom Brady. I love being coached by Bill Belichick," Moss said Wednesday on KFAN 1130-AM in Minneapolis.

After that, Moss said he wouldn't mind playing for the Minnesota Vikings again either. Then, in random fashion, he said he also wouldn't mind playing for the Seattle Seahawks and...the Cleveland Browns. Huh?

I don't think Moss would receive a long-term deal from anyone based on how things went for him last season as he was shuffled between three teams and was questioned for his lack of effort at times. If the situation with Brad Childress in Minnesota wasn't weird enough, then the situation in Tennessee was even stranger for him. More times than not, he only came into the game for one play...just to block on an outside run in the third quarter.

I can't find a distinct connection as to why Moss would mention Seattle or Cleveland as potential landing spots. If I wanted to reach, he could be enticed at how the Seahawks accepted a troubled Mike Williams last season and how Cleveland has a "respected" front office who would be up front with him and a West Coast Offense that would feature him prominently.

Right now, I would say, "no" for Moss. I certainly see how he could help, but I think his stints with the Raiders, Vikings (last year), and Titans were discouraging. He needs to be really motivated to play every week and I'd rather not spend my time during the games grabbing my hair as I see Moss blow off some plays here and there. Besides, he's already made it clear that New England is the organization he most desires going to again -- anything else would have to be settling for less in his mind.

Hat tip to shep615 for posting the original FanShot.