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Around the AFC North (3/18): Big Ben's 4th Quarter Success, Ochocinco in MLS

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at how good Ben Roethlisberger was in the fourth quarter of games this year, whether Chad Ochocinco could be playing in the MLS instead of the NFL, and how the proposed kickoff rule would affect Billy Cundiff.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Roethlisberger's 4th Quarter Success

Over at Behind the Steel Curtain, Michael Bean took a look at the fourth quarter success of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and other AFC quarterbacks during the 2010 season. Roethlisberger had the highest quarterback rating at the end of the game, as you may have guessed. Colt McCoy had the 8th highest quarterback rating, although the only time he truly led a fourth quarter comeback was against the Jets; his other touchdowns kind of came in garbage time.

Cincinnati Bengals: Ochocinco Gets Tryout With MLS Team

Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has been granted a four-day tryout with Kansas City's Major League Soccer (MLS) team. The team will then evaluate whether they will extend his stay or not.

"We're always searching for players who can help our team and bringing in new talent," Sporting Kansas City Manager Peter Vermes said. "We know that Chad is an exceptional athlete and that he loves the sport of soccer, and he did play a lot when he was younger."

I doubt he'd make it, but there's nothing wrong with him giving this a shot.

Baltimore Ravens: New Kickoff Rule Would Affect Cundiff

Over at Baltimore Beatdown, Bruce Raffel takes a look at how the proposed change to kickoffs would affect kicker Billy Cundiff, who led the league in touchbacks last season:

This could alter the strategy on kickoffs, and force teams like the Ravens to re-consider utilizing Cundiff's rocket leg for placing the ball around the one yard line rather than giving teams the ball at the 25-yard line. They might stand a better chance at stopping the returner prior to that point for better defensive field position. However, the league is also looking to force opposing players to line up no deeper than five yards behind the kickoff point so they can't get such a good running start. This could slow down their time to the returner, allowing him to get further upfield before they can run him down.