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Poll: Would the Proposed Kickoff Rule be Fine?

I was hoping to generate some discussion in the post I wrote on Wednesday about the proposed NFL rule discussion, but no one has commented yet. I figured an official poll of the DBN community might do a better job at gathering everyone's thoughts on the proposed change. The owners should be voting on this proposal at their annual owners meeting, which starts this Sunday. Here is the cliff notes version if you didn't read the proposed rule changes post:

Kickoffs start five yards closer (at the 35 instead of the 30), touchbacks are bumped up by five yards (at the 25 instead of the 20), and two-man wedges would be eliminated (in other words, wedges of any kind are illegal). The purpose of these changes is that it is believed they would improve player safety. I understand the league is trying to see less serious injuries, but if that were the case, we could do something like prevent any contact on the quarterback. At some point, you sacrifice the joy of the game for player safety, and that is what I think will happen here. Kickers seem to have stronger legs these days and I envision people booming touchbacks on cue. Heck, the Ravens won't have to cover a kickoff all season. What do you think?