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Late Round Gold: Episode 2 - John Moffitt

John Moffitt - OG

College: Wisconsin
Height: 6-4   Weight: 319

Projection: 4th to 6th round

John Moffitt started as a guard for the Badgers his freshman year and has never looked back.  He has mostly played on the left side next to Gabe Carimi--a likely first-round pick in the 2011 draft.  He has played all the inside offensive line positions due to injuries to other players so he can fill in when necessary.  Moffitt has a winning personality and he is known for wisecracks and self-deprecating humor.

Browns Gold

There is nothing wrong with picking up a promising OL player in the middle or late in the draft.  Moffitt is a solid player with definite NFL size.  It is likely that he was able to hold his own next to Carimi or he probably would not have lasted 4 years.  He is considered a very good run blocker with adequate speed.  Moffitt shows good football IQ in sensing and reacting to diverse defensive schemes and stunts.  He has excellent intangibles and displays natural leadership ability.

Fools Gold

Moffitt is not very explosive and often plays too high or on his heels.  His footwork could use some work if he is to be successful in the NFL.  He is an average athlete and sometimes appears slow when matched against quick defenders.  When pass blocking Moffitt tends to get in the way rather than maintaining contact and leverage.

The Browns offensive line was one of the better parts of the team in the 2010 season; with a good running back in Hillis and a newer quarterback, that excellence needs to be maintained.  I like the fact that Moffitt has played for 4 years in college and has not suffered major injury in that time.  Offensive line is not exactly the top need for the Browns in this year's draft but if they can pick up a prospect like Moffitt in the 4th or 5th round it would be a steal.