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Players Respond to Roger Goodell's Letter; No Rookie Wage Scale Agreed Upon

In response to a letter sent out to the players by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the players in the "NFLPA" (or whatever you would like to call them now) sent him a letter of their own. Here are the four pages of the letter if you would like to read it yourself: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4

Scott Fujita, as expected, is one of the signers on the letter. In addition to the letter, a reporter tweeted that Fujita stated that no rookie wage scale was agreed upon, which conflicts what media outlets had believed/suggested over a week ago.

NFLPA 's Scott Fujita on report there was agreement on rookie wage scale: "There was never anything close to an agreement on that".

After the letter from the players, NFL lead negotiater Jeff Pash had a quick response for the "NFLPA," part of which can be found on Pro Football Talk.

The saga carries on. And we could actually have free agency still while this mess is going on? Sheesh, what a mess.