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Rich Eisen Runs the 40-Yard Dash; Combine Notes

Did Rich Eisen record a personal best 40-time?
Did Rich Eisen record a personal best 40-time?

Always good for comedic gold, NFL Network's Rich Eisen ran the 40-yard dash again this year. His goal was to beat his previous best time of 6.2 seconds. Did he achieve his goal? I won't spoil the video for you if you haven't seen it yet. Check it out here.

The best parts come in the second half of the video, when fast (and slow) runners from this year's combine are overlapped on the screen with everyone beating Eisen rather easily. It goes to show you just how much of a difference speed can make in some instances.

Also, while I was over at Behind the Steel Curtain, one of their readers posted a "2011 NFL Combine Winners and Losers" list. It is a nice and simple read to give you a quick summary of who did what at each position at the combine if you haven't been paying attention. Not that he necessarily fits in as a starter or anything, but I liked what I saw from safety Shiloh Keo. He caught my eye and I thought it would just be me, but it seems like other fans took notice too.