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Draft Profile: Robert Quinn

Robert Quinn DE North Carolina

Ht: 6' 4" Wt: 270 lbs 40: 4.73 sec

College Statistics

2008 NC 34 22 12 2 2
2009 NC 52 35 17 11 2


Watching him work out at the combine, his athleticism cannot be denied. Great size and strength with good speed and burst off the line. Has a non-stop motor and plays whistle to whistle with intensity. Great outside move technique. Does a good job shedding blockers and is an excellent tackler. Durable player with minimal injury history. Perfect size for a 4-3 defensive end.


Only played two years at North Carolina due to season-long suspension last year for accepting money from an agent. Needs to improve against the run. Has a reputation as a slow learner. Needs to work on a counter move to go with his excellent outside move.

Why The Browns Should Pick Him

Quinn has the right size and technique to enable him to play defensive end in a 4-3 defense. An elite pass rusher will do a lot to help the pass defense as a hurried QB tends to make a lot of errors. Quinn overcame an operation in High School for a brain tumor which should answer any questions one might have about his determination to play. This is further born out by his energy and drive during games which is exemplary and should be contagious to the entire defensive squad.

Why The Browns Should Pass On Him

I do not like the idea that Quinn missed the entire season last year due to his suspension. Part of the severity of the suspension was based on his lying to NCAA investigators on three separate occasions. Also, the health concern with the tumor makes him a risky pick at the #6 spot. He is required to have an MRI to monitor the tumor in his brain once a month so doctors must not think he is completely "out of the woods".

My Take

Most of the downside on Quinn has to do with his suspension and his tumor. One could argue that Quinn's tumor is a positive as it shows great character and courage to overcome such a health challenge to become an elite athlete. His season-long suspension is also troubling even if you do have a lot of issues with some of the more picky NCAA rules. But you can't argue with his physical skills-- he is a real beast that has the potential to be a huge disruption in offensive backfields throughout the league.
In the end, I'm finding it hard to accept the risk of taking Quinn at the 6th spot. My guess is that he'll drop down quite a ways if the Browns do not pick him. Though I was pretty high on Quinn a couple of weeks ago, I'm talking myself out of drafting him at the 6th spot.

Here is a video that talks about Quinn's health issues. Here you can watch Quinn take on one of the top OTs in the draft: Anthony Costanzo.