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SB Nation's Mock Draft Goes Back to Da'Quan Bowers for Cleveland

The first "post-combine" edition of Brian Galliford's mock draft over at is available. All offseason, Galliford has been going back-and-forth between A.J. Green and Da'Quan Bowers for the Cleveland Browns. Prior to the combine, it was Green. After the combine, it is back to Bowers.

6. Cleveland Browns: Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson. Even before the team hired Dick Jauron as defensive coordinator, the decision had been made to move back to the 4-3. Any defender that fits that front would be a good pick here, and Bowers might end up being a tremendous value at this point in the top ten.

The question I would have for Galliford is how the combine could have changed the top portion of the mock draft so much. Take a brief look at a comparison of Galliford's top six picks before and after the combine:

Before the Combine:

1. Carolina - DT Nick Fairley
2. Denver - CB Patrick Peterson
3. Buffalo - QB Blaine Gabbert
4. Cincinnati - DE Da'Quan Bowers
5. Arizona - OLB Von Miller
6. Cleveland - WR A.J. Green

After the Combine:

1. Carolina - QB Blaine Gabbert
2. Denver - CB Patrick Peterson
3. Buffalo - OLB Von Miller
4. Cincinnati - WR A.J. Green
5. Arizona - DE Robert Quinn
6. Cleveland - DE Da'Quan Bowers

The "chain reaction" for some of the changes was set off by the change at No. 1 overall from Fairley to Gabbert. That changed Buffalo's pick in the post-combine edition, which in effect changed Arizona's pick. I understand Fairley's combine wasn't ideal, but did Gabbert do anything to be jettisoned up to first overall? Would the fact that Bowers did not participate in the combine really be enough to justify the Bengals going back to Green?

I'm not going to complain; I think Bowers falling to the Browns would be great. I'm just not sure the combine did enough to warrant the changes that were made in the top six. Be sure to read the comments at the bottom of Galliford's mock draft and feel free to chime in there yourself.