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Owners Vote to Move Kickoffs Forward and Allow Review of Scoring Plays


The NFL owners voted to move kickoffs from the 30 to the 35 yard line next season, which means that teams like the Baltimore Ravens might not have to cover a single kickoff this season thanks to the leg of Billy Cundiff. The original proposal did not go through entirely. Touchbacks will remain at the 20 yard line. If anything, this gives kickers even more incentive to blast it out of the end zone. The two-man wedge will still be allowed too.

Another rule change is that officials can review scoring plays outside of two minutes next season, but only if the call on the field was ruled as a score. For example, a "stuffed at the goal line" call cannot be reviewed by officials unless a challenge flag is thrown. Head coaches can still make three challenges if they win their first two challenges.

It's official now, so there is no looking back. If anything, I could see this creating the same amount or more injuries. Dangerous return men will take more kicks out of the end zone in hopes of providing a spark, with the same type of players chasing him and wedge blocks being thrown.