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Browns CB Sheldon Brown Had Rotator Cuff Surgery After the Season

According to the Chronicle-Telegram, Cleveland Browns cornerback Sheldon Brown had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff after the season ended. The report states that he expects to be back to 100% by June, which would be before the "usual" beginning of training camp.

Brown also had some interesting comments in the story about his willingness to move to safety, and his thoughts on the team possibly drafting cornerback Patrick Peterson.

Regarding a Move to Safety: "I’m just looking to win football games," he said. "Safety is what I played until my junior year in college. I’m a football player at the end of the day. I believe in Tom [Heckert]."

Regarding Patrick Peterson to Cleveland: "He won’t be there. But if he is, we should grab him," Brown said. "We need to draft a cornerback."

I think it's obvious that whether Brown starts or not this season depends on who the Browns draft at No. 6 overall. We still don't know what the team will do at the other safety position, but Brown could always be the fallback plan even if Cleveland drafts a cornerback in the second round. We also have Eric Wright. (intentional conciseness in my last sentence)