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Around the AFC North (3/25): Compensatory Picks for Ravens?

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we look at possible compensatory picks coming for the Baltimore Ravens, an idea for what the Steelers could do if they need replacement players, and if quarterback Dan LeFevour can help the Bengals next season.

Baltimore Ravens: Two Compensatory Picks on the Way?

A writer from the Baltimore Sun believes that the Ravens will receive two compensatory draft picks, one in the fifth round and one in the sixth round. The picks are given based on teams who lost key free agents in the previous season. Once again, that shouldn't apply to the Browns this year, but I wonder if it will apply next year if we don't retain a player like Abram Elam.

Pittsburgh Steelers: David Beckham to Join Steelers (Fiction Piece)

Pittsburgh is abuzz with the latest Steelers news - that the situation at Place Kicker has finally been resolved, and soccer sensation David Beckham will be joining the Boys in Black and Gold for the 2011 season. The tireless staff here at Behind The Steel Curtain could not rest until we had interviewed the principals in this exciting drama, so here's your chance to read all about it

Cincinnati Bengals: What do the Bengals Have in LeFevour?

Do you remember QB Dan LeFevour, who was drafted in the sixth round last year by the Chicago Bears? If you recall, Mike Holmgren looked at him before the draft and we thought the Browns might consider him until Colt McCoy lasted as long as he did. Cincy Jungle takes a look at just what the Bengals have in the young prospect:

Dan LeFevour. Just the name sparks conversation among Bengals faithful. Some want to see him play instead of a new rookie QB, while others are ready to acknowledge LeFevour as a project and move forward with a drafted QB. No matter where you stand in this debate, everybody can recognize that LeFevour is a developmental guy. He's going to need time before he can be fully evaluated. I understand both arguments. This Draft class is full of project and developmental quarterbacks. So why take another when LeFevour has just as much talent? In truth, we haven't seen LeFevour play at all. He was cut by the Bears and has never taken a snap as a Bengal. So what do we have in Dan LeFevour?