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LB Scott Fujita Talks "Browns" Instead of the Lockout

In an interview with the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi, linebacker Scott Fujita finally put talks of the current labor situation aside and talked about the Cleveland Browns.

"All I know about our defense is it's going to be a 4-3 and probably some variation of the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles defenses," Fujita said. "Luckily, I know the systems very well. Maybe you can go out and run around a little bit and work on some of your drops. But terminology and all that stuff, that's going to take some time to get everybody on the same page."

Fujita acknowledged that some of the position groups have already gotten together for some workouts and at some point, he expects the team to hold organized workouts together. Fujita also had praise for new defensive assistants Dick Jauron, Billy Davis, and Ray Rhodes. Lastly, Fujita noted that he expects to play strongside linebacker this season and thinks Jauron's system will be a lot simpler than the one the team ran last year.