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Browns Hold Private Workout With QB Colin Kaepernick

According to the National Football Post, the Cleveland Browns held a private workout with Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Monday. The Browns currently have three quarterbacks under contract next season, but Mike Holmgren previously stated that the Browns would take a quarterback in the later rounds.

Here is what NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock had to say about Kaepernick:

"I had a chance to see him last summer at Peyton Manning's Passing Academy. I spent three days watching the kid throw the ball with Peyton and Eli. He's got a huge arm. He's a great athlete, and he's got a big frame. The kind of guy you want to buy into. He's the kind of guy that's going to rise a little bit. A lot of people thought he was a third, fourth, fifth-rounder heading into the season. Now, he's probably a second round type of guy."

Kaepernick's pre-draft workouts has elevated his stock to being a probable second round draft pick. That's still way too early for my liking; picking a guy that early would seem to show a significant lack of faith in starter Colt McCoy.