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Late Round Gold: Episode 5 - Jordan Todman - RB

Jordan Todman - RB

College: Connecticut
Height: 5-9   Weight:  203

Projection: 3rd to 5th round

With Peyton Hillis and Montario Hardesty lining up in the backfield next year, it is tough to make an argument that the Browns need a running back in this year's draft.  But both Hillis and Hardesty missed time due to injury and having a back like Todman in your pocket for emergencies wouldn't hurt.  He was a top performer in the 2011 combine coming in first in the broad jump and 3rd in the 40-yard sprint.  He was the featured back in Connecticut last year logging 1695 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Browns Gold

Jordan is quick and runs with surprising power for a running back of his size.  He has excellent vision and patience but also hits the hole fast while it is there.  He has quick feet and often makes the first defender miss.  Jordan would be the ideal change-of-pace back for the Browns.  You can imagine a team putting in their biggest guys to try and stop Hillis only to watch them grab air as Jordan streaks past them.  He has very sure hands and has rarely fumbled in his 3 years at Connecticut.

Fools Gold

Todman is a bit on the small side and seems to more easily fall prey to arm tackles than the average back.  He was not featured as a receiver too much in the scheme at Connecticut but has not showed a weakness in this area when called upon to catch.  He avoids contact on the edge sometimes after turning the corner preferring to go out of bounds instead.  He needs a lot of work on blocking and would definitely need to improve on this to be more serviceable at the next level.

Todman is a very explosive runner with a definite second gear once he breaks past the first line of defense.  The characteristic that seems to shine the most is his vision--his eyes are always looking down field to the next layer of defense.  He has a natural talent for making defenders miss and causing them to take bad angles.  I do not think the Browns should use a high pick on him but if he falls to the 5th round or below, it would be worth the risk based upon his potential.