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Tom Heckert Denies Report About Delhomme

According to a tweet by the Akron Beacon Journal's Nate Ulrich, Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert refuted a report made by the National Football Post the other day:

GM Tom Heckert said a report about QB Jake Delhomme telling the team he has no intention of being a backup is not true. [Link]

I'm not surprised by this. The original report would have seemed out-of-character for Delhomme, who had already been willing to commit to mentoring young quarterbacks like Matt Moore (in Carolina) and Colt McCoy (in Cleveland) over the past two seasons. I still believe that their might be rumblings that Delhomme would like to start, but I'm sure any quarterback in the NFL would say the same thing. Perhaps Delhomme will see if his agent can put feelers around to other teams in the league to see if they are willing to utilize his services like the Browns tried to at the beginning of last year, but if that happens, it won't be for quite awhile given the lockout situation.