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Poll: Free Agency Before or After the Draft?

With the owners and the players trying to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement before this Friday, I think it is fair to bring up a question about the fans' thoughts on free agency. As far as I know, free agency has always occurred prior to the NFL Draft, allowing teams to fill their teams with veteran players before deciding what positions they should invest in for the team's future.

If an agreement is not reached before the draft, it will be the opposite way around: teams will have even more holes to fill come draft time than they typically do, which means they might need to make their decisions more carefully in case they aren't able to secure any big-name free agents at prime positions. On the other hand, they could technically take more risks in the draft with the expectation that they can be a big spender in free agency -- teams who are disappointed with their draft still have an "out."

I think we all want a new CBA agreement to be reached. With that said, are you at least somewhat intrigued by seeing how teams' strategies change with free agency occurring after the draft?