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More Mock Drafts For Your Pleasure; SB Nation Changes to Dareus

Listed after the jump are a couple of results from recent mock drafts. I still don't understand how their can be so many "versions" of a mock draft, but this week SB Nation has the Browns taking DT Marcell Dareus. I'm beginning to each candidate for the Browns will be listed in a different mock draft, just so the claim can be made that it was right at some point.

Here are the top ten picks from three mock drafts:

  Mike Lombardi Sam Wyche SB Nation
1.) CAR Gabbert Gabbert C. Newton
2.) DEN Quinn Bowers Peterson
3.) BUF Bowers M. Dareus Bowers
4.) CIN Cam Newton N. Fairley Gabbert
5.) ARI Peterson Von Miller Von Miller
6.) CLE AJ Green AJ Green M. Dareus
7.) SF Von Miller Peterson AJ Green
8.) TEN Fairley Quinn Fairley
9.) DAL M. Dareus A. Castonzo Amukamara
10.) WAS A. Smith A. Smith J.J. Watt

And here is why Brian Galliford from SB Nation has the Browns going with Dareus:

6. Cleveland Browns: Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama. Moving back to the 4-3 under defensive coordinator Dick Jauron, the Browns need to re-tool their defensive front seven. They could certainly take a pass rusher to begin that process, but after a strong Combine showing, Dareus might be too good to pass up here.