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Around the AFC North (3/8): Mason Not Retiring, Bengals History of QB's

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at whether or not Derrick Mason will retire next season, a new defensive backs coach in Pittsburgh, and Mike Brown's history at drafting quarterbacks in Cincinnati.

Baltimore Ravens: Derrick Mason Won't Retire Yet

When you look at length of his career, Derrick Mason has arguably been one of the league's most consistent receivers. He might not be a Pro Bowler every year, but he is that No. 1 veteran receiver who can always be counted on. He has toyed with retirement in the past, but he says he plans on returning again next season. If he was on a team that was not a Super Bowl contender (or as I see it, more like just a playoff contender), he probably would have called it quits by now.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Former Player Hired as Defensive Backs Coach

The Steelers have hired Carnell Lake as their new defensive backs coach:

Lake replaces Roy Horton as the secondary coach after his departure to Arizona to coordinate the Cardinals' defense. Lake, who was a five time Pro Bowler during his ten year career with the Steelers, was the secondary coach at his alma mater, UCLA, in 2009. He re-signed after the season citing personal reasons.

Cincinnati Bengals: Mike Brown's "Scary" QB Track Record

Over at Cincy Jungle, Josh takes a look at the not-so-hot track record that general manager Mike Brown has had at drafting quarterbacks since 1991. Is the list worse than Cleveland's since 1999?

Dating back to 1991, Bengals owner Mike Brown has drafted nine quarterbacks. You have the big three (aka first rounders) in Smith, Klingler and the team's most recent first round draft pick, Carson Palmer. After that, you have a collection of six quarterbacks drafted in the fourth round or later, posting three total touchdowns and 668 yards passing out of 24 games played. And of the six quarterbacks, not including the big three to start a regular season game, Donald Hollas is the only quarterback who started at least one game.