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Derrick Mason Talks About Handling Death Threats

This is now the Derrick Mason blog apparently, considering the last two stories have mentioned his name in the title. In a recent interview on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, Mason was asked for his thoughts on Eric Wright receiving death threats. Mason played in the game in which Wright "lost his reputation" so-to-speak, as he was burned three times for touchdowns by Anquan Boldin. Mason's comments are after the jump.

On Cleveland Browns DB Eric Wright getting death threats from one lunatic fringe fan after a particularly bad game:

"Well I’ve never received them, and fortunately for me my career has gone as such that I haven’t made too many blunders. I’ve made a few, but not too many. But I haven’t received any. You have those occasional fans, those die-hard…not even die-hard, they just crazy….the fan fanatics that they take that meaning to heart — they’re true fanatics of the game and they kind of go overboard sometimes. I think it’s wrong, I think it’s disheartening to send a death threat out to somebody.

If you’re going to send a death threat to somebody, go up to their face, walk up to them, let them know you are, let them see you, then threaten to kill them. Don’t send it through an e-mail or something like that, or a phone call. That’s just cowardice. If you’re going to threaten a guy, threaten him in his face. But it’s bad that it gets sometime to that situation where people feel the need that just because you didn’t win the game that week and didn’t do so well that they feel they’ve got to send out a verbal threat to you. What about the other works when you were doing good. You were their guy. So it’s just bad, it’s a bad situation."

I find it a little funny that Mason would even say something like, "if you are going to give a death threat, at least [...]." I understand what he was trying to say (don't be a "coward"), but there is no justification for a death threat due to a player's performance on the field.