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Browns' Scott Fujita Talks About the Labor Situation

Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita talked with the Associated Press via telephone on Tuesday about the latest news in an attempt to reach a labor agreement. According to Fujita, the data the league has handed over has not been sufficient.

"We're being asked to give back almost a billion dollars, so it's important for us to adequately analyze and interpret the little bit of information that's been provided," said Fujita, who attended negotiations last month but not this week. "And ultimately, if they're unwilling to provide full audited statements, then we need to know what other information we need to make a sound decision."

Fujita stated that he is hopeful a deal can be reached by Friday, but he also indicated that people shouldn't read too much into his usage of the word "hope." In other words, he isn't throwing hints around that a deal is close; he's just being optimistic.

"What they've provided so far hasn't been sufficient. Asking for almost a billion dollars back — that's a huge, huge leap of faith. And that's kind of what it's been so far — them asking us to take a leap of faith," Fujita said. "And we can't do that without sound judgment."

I don't think a deal will be done by Friday. Can extensions keep being made? I'm confused by what the difference between an extension and a lockout would do; can't the same negotiations take place under either scenario?