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The Sunday Five: Re-Visiting the Free Agency Scenario

"The Sunday Five" is a loosely-titled piece where I talk about five NFL- or Browns-related topics related to this past week. In this week's edition, we revisit the thought of free agency taking place some time around the draft.

Bullet_mediumI should clarify again that I am far from an expert when it comes to the labor situation and the legal proceedings that are taking place, so feel free to jump in and correct me on any errors you see in these points. On Wednesday, the NFL players made their case to Judge Susan Nelson for an injunction to be granted which would stop the NFL lockout in its tracks. If the lockout is stopped, free agency would commence shortly thereafter.

Bullet_mediumNelson said that she will take a "couple of weeks" to decide whether or not to grant an injunction to block the lockout. What does "a couple of weeks" mean? I interpret that as 2-3 weeks. That statement was made on April 6, and the draft begins on April 28. There are 22 days in between those dates, which is about three weeks. There seem to be a real chance that free agency could begin just before the draft, which would introduce a little bit of chaos. I would also assume it means that players could be traded during the draft as well. I read one report that said the owners could appeal an injunction though to further delay things, so that is also something to consider.

Bullet_mediumI ran a poll about a month ago and most fans seemed at least slightly intrigued by the thought of free agency occurring after the draft for the first time in history. At this point, I think it would be better off to allow the draft to take place first because it has been the event all 32 NFL teams have been focusing on. Free agency has already been messed up; let's not mess up the draft too by having teams chance their plans way too quickly, leading to some questionable decisions. It would seem more fitting for free agency to commence a week or two after the draft.

Bullet_mediumMy second-round pick in the SB Nation Writer's Mock Draft has already been made and will be posted on Mocking the Draft in a couple of days. I ended up surprising myself with the pick I made and the position I went with. I found that over the past couple of weeks, I had only casually thought about what position the Browns should strive to pick in the second round. After carefully considering my options, there was one position that stood out as making the most sense. /cliffhanger

Bullet_mediumBased on mid-week results, it sounds like Peyton Hillis will advance tomorrow as he will likely defeat Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles in fan voting to be on the cover of Madden 12. I can't imagine Danny Woodhead being big enough to beat Aaron Rodgers, so we'll likely see Hillis pitted against Rodgers. Rodgers will probably win that one, but we'll probably have a better idea of how Hillis will do based on how well Woodhead did. Vote for Hillis on ESPN here.

P.S. Go Tribe! I'm just as big of a Tribe fan as I am a Browns fan, and it feels great to see them playing so well early in the season. Let's Go Tribe has been booming in their gameday threads, so make sure to stop by and join in on the fun during the games.