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Poll: Who Will be the Browns' First-Round Draft Choice?

We have discussed many first-round prospects who would be a good fit for the Cleveland Browns, and rufio has been compiling a draft board from your votes on the players we prefer most. Now it is time to have an official vote as to who you think the first-round draft choice for the Cleveland Browns will be.

Make sure you understand the context of this poll. Based on the draft board, the top player that Browns fans would like the team to draft is cornerback Patrick Peterson. If you feel pretty sure that Peterson will be taken prior to the Browns picking though, do not vote for Peterson! Try to envision this poll not as the player you want the Browns to take at No. 6 overall, but the player who you think will still be available at No. 6 and would fit in with the Tom Heckert, Pat Shurmur, and Mike Holmgren regime. (Poll is after the jump)

I listed players in the poll who I have seen mocked to the Browns most often. Da'Quan Bowers' stock probably took a big hit, so I expect him to be available but not be selected by the team. I get a bad feeling that my top players, Peterson, A.J. Green, and Marcell Dareus will all be gone, leaving us to settle for a guy like Robert Quinn. I'm trying to decide between Quinn and Julio Jones right now; feel free to chime in with who you picked and why.

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