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Preseason Opponents Announced for Cleveland Browns

Even though there is a lockout in place, things are business as usual for the schedule makers in the NFL, who today revealed the teams the Cleveland Browns will be facing in the preseason this year. Those teams include the Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and Philadelphia Eagles. Exact times and dates, as well as the order of those games, has yet to be determined.

Over at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Tony Grossi has a nugget on when the lockout would have to be over by in order for the first preseason game to take place on time:

According to a league source, the league would need a bare minimum of three weeks to prepare for an exhibition game. That means the labor dispute would have to be resolved by July 21 for the first preseason game to be played as scheduled.

The preseason scheduled looks typical for the Browns, who normally seem to play teams from the NFC North.