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Judge Takes a Look at the Browns' Draft Needs

CBS Sports writer Clark Judge took a position-by-position look at the draft needs of the Cleveland Browns on Saturday. While he thinks the Browns are indeed committed to Colt McCoy, the wide receiver position stands out as a glaring need.

Here is what Judge says about the receiver position:

WR: If the Browns believe they have their franchise quarterback -- and they do -- then they better find him a franchise wide receiver. For now the cupboard is bare, one reason the club targeted its wideouts only 47.7 percent of the time. Mohamed Massaquoi is the best of the group, but he's inconsistent and a second or third receiver on most clubs. Brian Robiskie is little more than adequate, though he finished with a rush, while slot receiver Chansi Stuckey might have run out of time with the club. Those are the Browns' three top wide receivers, and, quick now, tell me which one requires double coverage. That's the problem. The most dangerous guy here is Josh Cribbs, but while he is explosive he can also be brittle. Face it: Cribbs is a special-teams dynamo who should make infrequent appearances on offense, reserved only for when the Browns absolutely, positively need a playmaker on the field. Uh, that would be nearly anytime. Hang the "Help Wanted" sign at this position.

To summarize what else Judge had to say, he thinks the Browns were wise to ditch Shaun Rogers and begin rebuilding up front, he thinks the secondary is set (in terms of not having to make another high investment), and interestingly enough he thinks Cleveland should consider a running back in the second round again. Hmm.