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Peyton Hillis Beats Aaron Rodgers; in Finals for Madden '12 Cover

Hillis could be on the cover of Madden '12.
Hillis could be on the cover of Madden '12.

I am speechless folks.

Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis is in the Finals of the Madden '12 cover tournament after beating Super Bowl MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers this past week in the votes. Hillis had 61% of the votes while Rodgers only had 39% of the votes, an overwhelming victory.

Hillis takes on another popular quarterback in the Finals now: the Eagles' Michael Vick, who is coming off a win over the Vikings' Adrian Peterson by a similar margin. Social media seems to be playing a big factor in Hillis' success; it seems like the fans are really trying their hardest to get him on the cover.

Can Hillis overtake Vick? If you want it to happen, go to ESPN and vote right now. The results will be unveiled live on April 27th on ESPN2. I think Hillis has got this wrapped up if fans continue to vote the way they did this past week. Hillis is a tough running back garnering a lot of support, and while Vick is a popular player, I think his previous character concerns will sway voters to keep him of the cover.