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Poll: What Would Your Reaction be if the Browns Passed On Patrick Peterson?

Last week in part one of this two-part series, I asked who you thought the Browns' front office would end up taking with the team's pick at No. 6 overall, taking into consideration who you believed would be off the board before that. The results were split up among a variety of players with no definitive frontrunner.

This week, we had the option to re-post the same poll to see if the users of our community changed their minds. I'm guessing that would not be the case, so it would have seemed pointless to run the same poll. Therefore, I came up with a new one that involves the player who received the most votes: cornerback Patrick Peterson.

Here is the question: If Peterson is available when the Browns are on the clock at No. 6 and Heckert and Holmgren decide to pass on him as many mock drafts have shown, would you criticize the move? You rated Peterson as the highest player on the DBN Draft Board, so I'm sure you might be a little upset, but let us know which choice best fits you in the poll (after the jump).

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