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Cleveland Browns 2011 Schedule Released

The NFL released the full regular season schedules today. Who are the Cleveland Browns facing in Week 1 to kick off the season? When are they going to be battling the Pittsburgh Steelers? Did we get any prime time games? Your answers to these questions are after the jump!

Week 1: Bengals at Browns (1:00 PM) on CBS
Week 2: Browns at Colts (1:00 PM) on CBS
Week 3: Dolphins at Browns (1:00 PM) on CBS
Week 4: Titans at Browns (1:00 PM) on CBS
Week 5: Bye Week
Week 6: Browns at Raiders (4:05 PM) on CBS
Week 7: Seahawks at Browns (1:00 PM) on FOX
Week 8: Browns at 49ers (4:15 PM) on CBS
Week 9: Browns at Texans (1:00 PM) on CBS
Week 10: Rams at Browns (1:00 PM) on FOX
Week 11: Jaguars at Browns (1:00 PM) on CBS
Week 12: Browns at Bengals (1:00 PM) on CBS
Week 13: Ravens at Browns (1:00 PM) on CBS
Week 14: Browns at Steelers (8:20 PM) on NFLN - Thursday
Week 15: Browns at Cardinals (4:15 PM) on CBS
Week 16: Browns at Ravens (1:00 PM) on CBS
Week 17: Steelers at Browns (1:00 PM) on CBS

Tomorrow, I will have a better formatted schedule available along with a full review. Here are my initial thoughts:

  • We kick off against the possible Palmer-less Bengals at home. That's a good way to get a win right off the bat.
  • Holy crap. Four of our last five games are against Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Isn't that just...weird? The end of the season will mean everything if we are anywhere close to contention.
  • We are back in prime time on a Thursday against the Steelers.
  • Our bye week is pretty early on, but also at a good point to make some early adjustments if necessary.
  • The full schedule can be seen here.