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Grossi: Colt McCoy Gathering Players for Team Workouts

According to a report by Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer, Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy is gathering some of his offensive teammates for organized workouts in Austin, Texas. Per a source Grossi has, the following players are joining McCoy for sure, which elates general manager Tom Heckert:

  • WR Mohamed Massaquoi
  • WR Brian Robiskie
  • WR Joshua Cribbs
  • WR Carlton Mitchell
  • WR Jordan Norwood

In other words, all of McCoy's wide receivers will be there. Grossi notes that it is not known whether the tight ends will show up, but that RB Peyton Hillis, who is currently making headlines en route to a hopeful Madden '12 cover victory over Michael Vick, is expected to join his teammates.

Grossi was also able to tie up a loose end regarding the mystery/legality of the team providing McCoy with a playbook before the deadline:

[The league] also got it cleared with NFL chief legal counsel Jeff Pash before the lockout that it was within league rules for McCoy to receive the playbook.

Matt Wood (Bernie19Kosar) might have an interview lined up with McCoy the day of the draft, so this might be one of the topics [the organized workouts] that gets addressed.