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Injunction Ruling Coming on Monday Expected to Favor NFLPA

According to multiple reports, including the New York Daily News, Judge Susan Nelson will make her ruling this Monday on the NFLPA's request for an injunction to lift the lockout temporarily. Most of the rumors around the Internet say that she is expected to rule in favor of the players. As for what that means when it comes to free agency, here is what the Daily News says:

That doesn't mean the lockout ends right away and free agency starts. Nelson will either issue a stay on her ruling pending appeal to the Eighth Circuit in St. Louis or the loser will get a stay pending appeal directly from the Eighth Circuit. The winner of the appeal gains the leverage.

I have a tough time understanding the meaning of what most court-related things mean. Here is another report that probably conveys the same meaning as the Daily News did, but is worded differently, from the New York Times:

Players are confident that Nelson will grant the injunction to lift the lockout, which would allow them to return to work and for free agency to begin.

Owners, who also expect the injunction to be granted, believe they can get a stay from Nelson that will keep the league closed for business while they appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.They think they have a better chance to prevail there before a court with a reputation for being business-friendly.

On one hand, hearing anything related to "lifting the lockout" makes me think free agency could commence just before the draft. But, since it seems like none of the members/analysts in the media are mentioning this possibility, I assume they are confident free agency won't happen prior to the draft. Either way, it is an interesting development to track just three days before the 2011 NFL Draft.