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Players Wrap Up Camp Colt; 'Camp Cribbs' Coming Next

Colt McCoy's three-day offensive session at the University of Texas, attended by about 11 other players, has come and gone. Things went very well according to Joshua Cribbs [see the video FanShot here], who said the camp helped him get back in shape after being ten pounds overweight. He said the team practiced some of the basics of the West Coast Offense, but that they did not have a playbook that they were using.

According to Cribbs (via Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer), the offensive players are planning a second offensive minicamp from May 19-21. Cribbs is pushing for sessions to be held at Kent State University, which would seem to make it fitting to call the three-day event "Camp Cribbs" (my words, not his). You have to love the great relationship Cribbs has with Kent State, as they sounded more than willing to assist Cribbs and his teammates with anything they would like to accomplish:

"If Josh wants to do it here, we'll do everything we can to get it done,'' said Wolf. "We're more than happy to help out Josh with everything he does for us.''

If the lockout continues into June, Cribbs said that they are going to try to get the whole offense and defense together to simulate offseason training activities (OTA's) on their own. If that happens, Cribbs hopes they can also take place at Kent State.