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Poll: If Peterson is Gone, Would You Take Nick Fairley?

What is this, Tom Heckert pays a compliment to defensive lineman Nick Fairley, and suddenly he is the new "trendy" pick for the Cleveland Browns?

A couple of weeks ago, I listed Fairley in our poll of who you thought the Browns might draft at No. 6 overall. Fairley received the lowest percentage of votes with just 3%. That doesn't guarantee fans would be disappointed with the Browns getting Fairley; at the time, it just meant they didn't expect him to be the pick. That's the purpose of this poll -- to judge whether you would approve of the Browns taking Fairley, assuming a guy like cornerback Patrick Peterson is off the board. (Poll is after the jump)

Before you vote, you can check out Terry Pluto's column from this morning. Most of his bullet points talked about the possibility of Cleveland drafting Fairley:

8. Pro Football Weekly talks about Fairley's "boom or bust" potential. Fairley dominated the line for a team that won the BCS title. That's can't be dismissed. He also has been late for some meetings with NFL coaches, missed a plane for a meeting and his temper bubbles up on the field. He was penalized for several personal fouls.

9. Some Browns fans have compared Fairley to Gerard Warren. Maybe he will be a draft blunder such as Warren. But there are two differences: A) He's not nicknamed Big Money, as was the case with Warren. Never draft a guy named "Big Money." B) Warren had only 4.5 sacks as a senior at Florida, and only 9.5 in his three-year college career. Fairley was far more productive in the same conference.