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NFL Lockout Lifted for Now -- Players Can Go to Team Facilities?

As we saw in this FanShot posted earlier (hat tip to TheDriveStillHurts), the NFL lockout has been lifted...for now. Without sounding like a broken record, it sounds like the owners will try to appeal and will probably force the players back into a lockout. The whole situation still seems a bit confusing, which makes it great that an article on CBS Sports discusses what can/can't happen while the lockout is lifted. Here is a taste of what the article has to offer:

4. So players can't go to the stadium and start working out yet?
Actually, they can, at least between Nelson's ruling and her decision Tuesday on the stay. Or, at least, they can try to go work out. After all, the lockout no longer exists, and it would be a murky labor situation for teams to deny their non-unionized employees access to facilities provided by an employer for team activities.

In fact, reports have begun to surface that agents are telling their players to go to team facilities and work out so as to make sure they can't be denied any offseason workout bonuses that are included in their contracts. Our own Mike Freeman has reported he's heard some agents telling their players NOT to show up, so it could be a mixed bag.

Adding fuel to that fire is Steelers' player rep Ryan Clark, who said on television Monday night that he's "telling guys to go [to team facilities]" and "telling guys to get to work." Yes, things could get awkward when/if players show up and aren't allowed into the team building.

For more nuggets, head on over to CBS Sports and check out the rest of the article.