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Watson, Cribbs, and Hodges Report to Berea; Leave Soon After

With the lockout lifted, a couple of players, including TE Ben Watson, WR Joshua Cribbs, and P Reggie Hodges reported to Berea in hopes that they would be able to use the team facilities. Just as many other players are finding out around the league though, the facilities don't quite appear as "open." The three players arrived to the facility around 10:00 AM this morning. They were allowed entrance to areas of the building, but security cut off other parts of the building and did not allow the players to work out.

"It's really disappointing," Cribbs said. "I came here in workout clothes. I came to the Browns facility to try to work out. I want to get back to work. We have a long road ahead."

Grossi reports that the players were not given playbooks and were not permitted to have any contact with coaches or the front office. That had to make things a little awkward when Mike Holmgren reportedly drove into the parking lot the same time Watson and Hodges did. Watson was quoted as saying 10-12 players planned on trying to show up for a workout, but it's probably safe to assume they canceled their plans upon hearing what happened to the early arrivals.