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2011 NFL Mock Draft Predictions: DBN Community

Putting together a complete first-round mock draft can be difficult. I'm not referring to when you take a look at your five favorite mock drafts and use the consensus at a certain spot to make all of your picks; I'm talking about putting together a mock draft that truly goes along with what you think could happen.

Use this thread to post a list of players/teams you think will be taken with the first 32 picks in the draft. If you want to use a template to copy+paste the first-round order, one is available after the jump. If you think a trade will be made in the first round, be sure to denote it. We will use the mock draft scoring system available at Huddle Report to score how well you did. Once the results are tallied, we'll find out who did the best job predicting the first round and how they stacked up to the likes of Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Rick Gosselin, etc.

The scoring system works in the following manner: if a player picked in round one appears anywhere on your list, you get 1 point. If that player was drafted by the team you thought would draft him, you get an additional 2 points. The highest score possible is 96 points. Last year, the best media site scored 50 points.

Now, get to mocking!

1. Carolina Panthers =
2. Denver Broncos =
3. Buffalo Bills =
4. Cincinnati Bengals =
5. Arizona Cardinals =
6. Cleveland Browns =
7. San Francisco 49ers =
8. Tennessee Titans =
9. Dallas Cowboys =
10. Washington Redskins =
11. Houston Texans =
12. Minnesota Vikings =
13. Detroit Lions =
14. St. Louis Rams =
15. Miami Dolphins =
16. Jacksonville Jaguars =
17. New England Patriots =
18. San Diego Chargers =
19. New York Giants =
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers =
21. Kansas City Chiefs =
22. Indianapolis Colts =
23. Philadelphia Eagles =
24. New Orleans Saints =
25. Seattle Seahawks =
26. Baltimore Ravens =
27. Atlanta Falcons =
28. New England Patriots =
29. Chicago Bears =
30. New York Jets =
31. Pittsburgh Steelers =
32. Green Bay Packers =