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Peyton Hillis on the Cover? Results at 4 PM EST Today

This week will go down as one of the busiest news weeks of the year for Cleveland Browns fans thanks to topics such as the lockout and the draft dominating discussion. A couple of months ago, if you would have said that another topic thrown into that mix during draft week would be whether Peyton Hillis would be on the cover of Madden '12, people would have thought you were crazy.

The results are in and ESPN Sportsnation will announce the results of who will grace the cover of the popular video game at 4:00 PM EST. I'm projecting a landslide in favor of Hillis.

Hillis and Vick will both be on ESPN’s Sportsnation for the announcement. The Madden 12 cover contest, which has been running for the past two months, was set up in bracket similar to the NCAA tournament, with players from all 32 teams in the running. Ironically, both Vick and Hillis were on Sportsnation when ESPN and EA Sports announced the cover contest. Link

A writer over at ESPN presents both sides of the argument as to why Hillis and Vick made the finals. He shouldn't have bothered making the point about Hillis having less rushing yards than Rice and Mendenhall. If he had the same carries as each of the running backs, he would have completely blown them both out of the water.