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Devil's Advocate: Browns Have To Take Nick Fairley

Oh yes, you read that title correctly.

I'm guessing that you will think just like me when you read this article.

Nick Fairley is the best option for the Browns. Better than Patrick Peterson, better than A.J. Green. Nick Fairley is going to erase the memories of Micheal Dean Perry in Cleveland.

These are not necessarily my views, just the flip side of the coin.

  • We need defensive lineman. We need them badly. If the season started today, our defensive tackle combo would be Tuba Rubin and Brian Schaefering? As much as I love Tuba, we would get killed by the power rushing attacks in this division. It doesn't matter how awesome our cornerbacks would be, we would be in 3rd and short every single time. How awesome is it that our biggest need matches up with the biggest bad ass available? Winning!
  • Fairley would be perfect to go along with Tuba Rubin. We would have one of the best young DT duo's in the NFL. What better way to build a defense than inside out? Not only does Fairley make Rubin better, but he makes Marcus Benard a better pass rusher and Jayme Mitchell a better pass rusher. We go from our defensive line being a huge question mark, to possibly being a strength, and a young one at that. You win games at the line of scrimmage in the NFL, we know that. It's time we address it.
  • Warren Sapp says it best, the eye in the sky don't lie. Put on tape of Nick Fairley. What you see is a guy who completely dominates the premier conference in America. When the chips were down, he played his best. Three sacks against LSU. Two sacks against Alabama. How about 4th and goal against Oregon? He holds the offensive guard at bay as he runs down LeMicheal James, stopping him at the goal line. Dude completely blew up the play on his own. We need that kind of disruptive DT.
  • Let's go ahead and get to the elephant in the room. Fairley takes plays off. I know Heckert said that he disagrees but the tape shows that he becomes 'less interested' at times. Here is where I have to show a little faith. If Fairley can explain those lapses in effort to Heckert, I'm cool with that. So if the Browns do end up picking Fairley at 6, like they should, then obviously Hohemur must have signed off on it. That is something that I can't check, but have to trust my front office to do their due diligence on. But there are instances when he plays his ass off. Check this example. He runs down a WR 10 yards downfield. Watch the play and tell me that is a guy who is half-assin' it. I don't see it.
  • Let's get to the reason I love Nick Fairley. Dude is straight nasty. You can probably even call him dirty. I couldn't care less. Remember when Ndamukong Suh almost tore the head off Jake Delhomme? I liked that. I would kill for the Browns to have some nastiness. We need some attitude, especially up front in our defense. I am sick and tired of being pushed around by the Steelers and the Ravens. We need someone to punch the bully right in the nose. Fairley is that man. You telling me you wouldn't like to see Fairley Turkey Jones Ben Roethlisberger? We need killers.
  • He said he didn't want to play anywhere cold. Big deal. The guy has spent his entire life in the south. Have you been to the South? Hot women, sunshine and insane crowds. Can you really blame the guy for wanting to stay? I'm guessing once he signs his monster contract, he will be cool with the cold. If he gets a chill, he can burn a hundo for warmth.
  • If Fairley drops to six, he is going to have a man sized chip on his shoulder. This is a guy who had better numbers than Marcel Dareus, yet is poised to go behind him in the draft? This is a guy who plays his best when he is pissed off and wants to prove people wrong. He is going to prove to all the nay-sayers that he was not only the best DT in Alabama, but the best player in the draft. And he is going to do it wearing Orange and Brown. Nick Fairley needs to be a Brown. Believe that.