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Mel Kiper's Final Mock: Still Has Cleveland Going With Julio Jones

It is Day 1 of the NFL Draft, so make sure you stay tuned to Dawgs By Nature for all of your draft-related needs for the Cleveland Browns. To kick things off, as the mock drafts of some of the biggest media players on the web roll in, we're going to post who they have the Browns taking. Particularly, we'll cover Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Rick Gosselin, and SB Nation. Let's start with Kiper, who posted his final mock draft Wednesday. There were no changes when it came to the No. 6 overall pick: he still has Cleveland taking wide receiver Julio Jones, and here is why:

Jones is by far the best consolation prize in the draft, as the Ohio franchises combine to clear the board of the top wideouts. This is a guy Colt McCoy will love. Jones' size and speed combination is the best in the draft at the position and his development as a wideout over the past year shows a determination and work ethic that will be loved by the coaching staff. The Browns need a true No. 1 at wide receiver, and if healthy, Jones can be that guy. A gifted athlete, what you love about Jones is that he blocks as hard as he runs routes. He played hard while in pain last season at Alabama.

For the record, Kiper has the following players being picked before Cleveland: (1) Cam Newton to Carolina; (2) Von Miller to Denver; (3) Marcel Dareus to Buffalo; (4) A.J. Green to Cincinnati; (5) Patrick Peterson to Arizona.


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