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Browns Draft Day - The Likely Scenario

As much as I would love to see a Browns jersey with the name Dareus, Peterson or Green on the back (Green being a bonus for those who still have a previous Green's jersey in their closet), I think that possibility is extremely unlikely. The problem is that in order for one of these top tier players to fall to the 6th pick a very specific scenario must occur. Hope is a wonderful thing but sometimes realism must win out over wishful thinking.

I'm not a swami and I have very little in common with The Great Karnak but I'm becoming increasingly skeptical of the scenario that would drop one of the "can't miss" players into the Browns' lap. Here is what has to happen. First, I think that 2 quarterbacks would have to be chosen in the first 5 picks. Though there are teams in the first 5 that need quarterbacks, I don't think there are two quarterbacks worthy of being picked in the top 5. I think it more likely that one or more of these QB-hungry teams will be satisfied with a pass-flinger picked up with their second pick. What's more, I do not buy the idea that Cam Newton will be the first pick which many, many draft prognosticators are predicting. I think Carolina would be crazy to take him with the first pick and it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't go in the first round. So let it be written, so let it be done.
The next thing that would have to happen along with the 2 quarterbacks is that Von Miller, another arguably elite prospect, would have to be selected. Miller isn't a great fit for the Browns and so doesn't grade out the same for them as the aforementioned players. It is more likely that Miller will be gone by pick 6 but if you combine the chance of this with the chance of having 2 QBs taken all in the first 5 picks, I think the likelihood really plummets. I put this at maybe a 15-20% overall chance.

So given the scenario that none of the "big three" players is available, what do the Browns do? One obvious choice is Julio Jones. WR is an obvious need but is pick #6 too high for Julio? I would not be upset with this pick but defensive line is just as big of a need for the new 4-3. So this leaves 3 other likely picks at this position: Quinn, Bowers and Fairley. All three of these players have great potential but each also has a significant worry factor. With Quinn and Bowers there are significant medical worries. For Fairley there are questions about his motor and rough style of play that seems to attract little yellow flags. The other possibility is to somehow move down and still get a decent player--probably the best solution of all if a patsy... er, trade partner can be found. The best possibility for this is if Von Miller is available at the Browns' slot which might get the Browns some great value for trading down. One might think that it would be fairly simple to get a guaranteed great player at pick #6 and hopefully the experience in the Browns front office will make that happen this year.