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The Cleveland Browns Trade The 6th Pick To The Atlanta Falcons - Did They Get Fair Value?

The Cleveland Browns traded their first pick at #6 to the Atlanta Falcons for their 27th pick, their 2nd and 4th picks this year and their 1st and 4th picks next year. Using the Draft Value Board this works out as follows:

Cleveland's #6 pick = 1600 points

Atlanta's picks this year (27, 59 and 123) = 1039 points

Atlanta's picks next year assuming they pick in about the same spot = 729 points

So Cleveland gave up 1600 points for a total of 1768. These points aren't perfect but it gives you an idea and there is the big assumption that the Falcons pick at the same spot. Another act of Heckert genius? It is obvious that the front office is thinking long-term.