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The Sunday Five: Reviewing the Big Board

"The Sunday Five" is a loosely-titled piece where I talk about five NFL- or Browns-related topics related to this past week. This past week saw the the start of the DBN Big Board and some rumors about quarterback Jake Delhomme.

Bullet_mediumThe top three players in the 1-5 slots of the DBN Big Board had a pretty decisive advantage over the rest of the players that were voted on. It makes sense that their was that separation too when you consider the top three positions fans would like to see the team address, in no particular order: defensive back (Patrick Peterson), wide receiver (A.J. Green), and defensive tackle (Marcell Dareus). Given the fact that one or two quarterbacks are projected to be selected before Cleveland picks, there is a fair chance that the Browns will get one of those three players, allowing fans to come away quite pleased.

Bullet_mediumFor the fans who voted for Da'Quan Bowers -- who finished in fourth place -- I wonder if they would flip their choice with Robert Quinn, Nick Fairley, J.J. Watt, or Cameron Jordan if given the opportunity. I get the feeling that a lot of people voted for Bowers based on reputation, but his injury concerns and his Pro Day results might have changed things for the player who was the early favorite among many Browns fans to be taken at No. 6 overall.

Bullet_mediumOne clear takeaway from the first round of the big board results? Most people do not have a quarterback ranked anywhere close to their top five. Blaine Gabbert and Cameron Newton each had one first place vote and a few other votes, while Jake Locker was the only player listed who did not get a single vote at any position. That is remarkable given the fact that their are usually some oddities when you have a large sample size, such as the one lonesome person who thinks the Browns should take Mike Pouncey first.

Bullet_mediumWe saw rumors earlier this week that Jake Delhomme said he had no intention of being a backup, which general manager Tom Heckert later said was untrue. The whole thing played out like an early April Fools gag; would a guy who...(1) only received an offer from Cleveland to start a year ago, (2) made some horrible in-game decisions when he did play, (3) was injured most of the season, and (4) is always known as a team player...really have the need to make such a statement? Whatever happens, happens with Delhomme this season. I think he'll find a No. 2 job elsewhere while Seneca Wallace is our No. 2.

Bullet_mediumThe Cleveland Indians picked up their first win of the season today behind some strong pitching of Justin Masterson. It is discouraging to see the attendance so low, but then again, I'm not there either so I have no room to talk. I'm intrigued by the Indians' lineup; I think they have a good balance of pinch hitters on their team too which can really end up being a difference maker in tight ball games this year.