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Mel Kiper Looks at the "Second Biggest Needs" For Teams

ESPN's Mel Kiper took a look at the second-biggest needs (subscription needed) for all of the teams that will be drafting in the first round on April 28th. His assessment of Cleveland really isn't anything special. He believes our biggest need is wide receiver, so our second-biggest need is a defensive end like Robert Quinn or Da'Quan Bowers.

I was more interested in what he thought the biggest needs were for the teams in front of Cleveland. Let's take a quick look at what Kiper had to say:

  • Carolina: 1st = Defensive Tackle, 2nd = Wide Receiver
  • Denver: 1st = Defensive Line, 2nd = Secondary, 3rd = Outside Linebacker
  • Buffalo: 1st = Offensive Tackle, 2nd = Outside Linebacker, 3rd = Wide Receiver
  • Cincinnati: 1st = Pass Rusher, 2nd = Wide Receiver (*Note: First could be QB if Palmer leaves)
  • Arizona: 1st = Quarterback, 2nd =Outside Linebacker, 3rd = Defensive End
  • Cleveland: 1st = Wide Receive, 2nd = Defensive End

As Kiper mentions, the one need that seems like it will certainly be skipped over is the Bills' top need, an offensive tackle, in favor or a higher-rated player at outside linebacker (Von Miller). Many scenarios have had Miller going at No. 2 overall though, so if that happens, I think Buffalo could be a real wildcard in terms of who they select.