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7 Round Mock for Browns at Mocking the Draft

Over at Mocking the Draft, the community just finished doing a "live" seven round mock draft, which isn't an easy thing to do. Who did the Cleveland Browns end up coming away with in that mock draft?

Mocking the Draft's Community Mock Draft (Seven Rounds) (Link)

  • Round 1 (No. 6): DE Da'Quan Bowers
  • Round 2 (No. 37): WR Torrey Smith
  • Round 3 (No. 70): DT Jurrel Casey
  • Round 4 (No. 102): RT Lee Ziemba
  • Round 5 (No. 137): LB Ross Homan
  • Round 6 (No. 168): CB Kendric Burney
  • Round 6 (No. 170): OG Andy Jackson
  • Round 7 (No. 247): RB Roy Helu Jr.

In case you are not a frequent visitor to Mocking the Draft, one of their members did a seven round mock draft last week and included pick explanations for all seven rounds. You might not agree with his picks, but it takes quite a bit of effort to pick and explain that many times. His mock draft can be found here, but his mock does not reflect the added compensatory picks.