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Around the AFC North (3/7): Mason vs. Goodell, Palmer to Miami?

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at some comments that Derrick Mason directed to the commish, where Dan Marino thinks Carson Palmer should end up, and a Steelers-related wedding.

Baltimore Ravens: Mason Calls Goodell a Joke

Speaking out on the HGH situation, Ravens receiver Derrick Mason had some words for the Commish:

Would you tell Roger Goodell if you saw him that he is a "joke" according to your own words?

"Yeah I mean he’s no kin to me . He’s grown man and I’m a grown man, but you know we’re walking around and he’s talking about performance enhancements and keeping the sport clean, which is a big thing, but I think right now you know the fans don’t want to hear about that. That’s the last thing they want to hear about. They want to hear about what are you doing as a commissioner to get both sides together to try to work out a deal and you’re going around and you’re talking about other things as opposed to putting together two sides and trying to work out a deal."

I assume that if a CBA were in place that Mason would be fined by the league for making this type of comment. I'm by no means an expert at the situation, but I imagine the NFL would have no authority to go back and fine players for comments they made while the CBA was expired.

Cincinnati Bengals: Marino Likes Palmer-to-Miami Idea

"I’ve always liked Carson," Marino said after addressing sports business executives. "For a third-rounder, I would do it." Regarding current quarterback Chad Henne, Marino said, "He has what it takes to be a starter. He had an off year last year. I’m pulling for the kid."

Well, which is it -- are you pulling for the kid or are you pulling for Palmer to be in Miami?

Pittsburgh Steelers: Big Ben Getting Married

The Steelers quarterback is getting married in July, just before the "scheduled" start to training camp. Lucky gal, eh?